Drew Patterson Studios provides a complete catalog of audio/visual services. We produce some presentations in-house and draw on a stable of accomplished professionals for others. After assessing the needs of the client’s project we assemble a team using only professionals with whom we have a close working relation. Those include historians, scholars, script writers, content developers, videographers, and interactive developers to cite a few. By creating a tailor-made team we are able to offer the audio/visual services that best suit each project. In this section are samples of a few of the services we offer.

Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum Camp Cooking

Interactive designer Bart Marable was commissioned by Drew Patterson and Pony Allen to create three touchscreen interactive stations around the chuck wagon in the Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum. Each of the three stations engage the audience in exploring an aspect of the life of a cowboy on a cattle drive. This interactive involves the audience member as an assistant to the trail cook. The assistant has to light the fire and cook each of the parts of the meal before the cowboys come in to camp. The camp cook intervenes when the assistant isn’t fast enough, burns the biscuits or otherwise fails to bring in the bacon on time. This is an informative and humorous hands-on experience.

Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum Chuck Wagon (No audio)

This interactive allows the audience to explore the history of the chuck wagon, how it was made and how it was used. The audience is allowed to spin the chuck wagon around 360°, to zoom in and out and to open drawers and see what is inside.

Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum Trail Drive (No audio)

This interactive involves making decisions that a trail boss would have to make and the boss is scored on how well he or she does in making those decisions. The boss has to avert stampedes, move cattle across raging rivers and ultimately has to sell them at the best possible price when they reach the end of the trail.